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The National Transfer Registry, or theNTR, is a free mobile application to search for hospitals, nursing homes and soon even EMS transport within the distance range you select.

Motivated by severe hospital overcapacity issues, this mobile app was created by frontline personnel to provide other frontline personnel a listing of these crucial services, designed to allow you to expand your search area out as much as needed with a click. The app provides telephone and other priority info. Dial right from the app. New useful features being added on a weekly basis!

theNTR is brought to you by RegenVen, we are a small family owned company based in the Driftless Region of southwest Wisconsin. We seek to leave a lasting positive effect. Optimizing resiliency, through investments focused on a regenerative mindset, from self to society, habitation to habitats.

find what you need now

Show all hospitals

Set distance and see list of all hospitals, nursing homes and soon EMS within your selected range


Get hospital contact number, and dial it!

After selecting hospital taken right to basic facility info, including telephone number, which you can dial right from app.


Take notes as you go

With each encounter, you can take notes right in the app. Notes automatically timestamped. Then, export notes to PDF for printing, archiving. Slap a sticker on and send to medical records if needed.

Web interface

coming soon

Apple App Store

Available for download now for free

Google Play Store

Available for download now for free


Acute Care Hospitals


EMS Agencies


Nursing Homes

24 / 7


near future

Coming features

* Directory of all United States interfacility EMS transport agencies.* Ability to take notes with each transfer project to share amongst team members and print out as a PDF for medical records. For example, team members could note that you are already on a waitlist for a given hospital, minimizing repeat calls etc.* The bed status of every receiving hospital in America. This is an approximate probability that a hospital will have a bed, an EMS agency can do a transfer, or a nursing home can take a patient. This will be updated in REAL-TIME by hospital operations managers, transfer nurses, dispatchers and so on.* Receiving hospitals and EMS agencies can update their probability of yes or no instantly on the fly from the app with just a swipe right swipe left type functionality, thereby minimizing the onslaught of calls for transfer.* Phone Notifications when a hospital changes its status from red to yellow / green.* Facility status of multiple useful categories such as peds, adult, intensive care, med-surg, paramedic, critical-care, air-medical etc.

The Why

We created this for you (and us)

The current state for many of us having to call at times 50 or more hospitals just to be told no and the brutal reality of receiving facilities having to say no over and over, is an unacceptable but unavoidable waste of time. The NTR app hopes to mitigate this, even if just a little. Our goal is a small win for frontline personnel. With the coming iterations, we hope to minimize this waste of precious time by at least providing a list of hospitals by distance and soon, showing the probability of a yes or no in the realms of receiving facilities, interfacility transport and skilled nursing facilities.

Man, what an incredible gift you've given us. I'm in awe.

- anonymous ER doc

NTR dramatization spot

NTR end-user basic functionality

NTR 2.0 - traffic light probability of availability!


The National Transfer Registry app

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